Sunday, 24 June 2012

Song Series Part 1

Why I Write What I Do

This week has been so crazy, in the sense that I've been inspired suddenly to write 5 songs. Here is the first one. Im hoping to refine each one and post it as it comes, to be a source of encouragement and creativity.

This is a song I wrote for a dear friend. If you're feeling hopeless or afraid of the future or of something you're facing now, this song is about that. I even made a video to post for you guys, if you want to listen along!

By the way....its written from God's perspective. Just a heads up. :-)

Ill Be There

Verse 1:
When you feel restless and your heart begins to stray
Just know Ive got you and I'm never far away;
I'll be your guiding light, and I will hold you tight,
no matter where you go, I'm there--

And when the winter blows, Ill be there
My gentle arms will hold you, don't be scared,
and even when it hurts, I'll be there, I'll be there.
When skies above turn gray, and shadows seem to stay,
when all around you things keep changing…Ill be there

Verse 2:
Your hands are shaking and you're trembling inside
But don't you worry, everything will be alright.
Ive come to set you free, so you can run to me
and see the plans Ive made for you--


My love is stronger than your fear,
And I'm still holding all your tears,
The truth is stronger than you feel
But I can show you what is real…


I'll be there....

--© Diana Fadal June 2012